4 Keys to a Creative Website


Finding a creative website that is entirely unique and something that has never been seen before, is rare if not impossible. Typically a website will stand out from the crowd if it has a few compelling features, but upon examination they are not so much different than the less interesting sites. So how do you avoid the boring template look and achieve something interesting, creative, and memorable?

1: Be Inspired

Creativity is not magic or an inborn trait, it is borrowed brilliance. Hugh McLeod explains that “creative thought begins with copying, that you build new ideas out of existing ideas, and that originality is a perception and not a reality”. Great innovations happen by remixing (as suggested in this gorgeous video, Everything is a Remix); small improvements and changes to existing products and thoughts that morph into something better. Let’s be clear that I am not, under any circumstances, suggesting that you plagiarize other websites. However, understanding your competition, conducting research, and learning the fundamentals about the current market are critical first steps to standing out from that crowd with a creative website.

2: Be emotional

A well designed and creative website should grab attention by breaking through the clutter of all of the other websites that are indistinguishable. The first impression should also visually and emotionally communicate the relevant message. This is almost never accomplished with generic stock imagery. However, not all stock images are the same. The most compelling part of my most popular website is its use of inexpensive but stunning stock images that grab the viewer’s attention and connect with them emotionally.

3: Know Your Visitor’s Motivation

What is your unique selling point and the problem you can solve for your client? Know whom you are talking to, so you can send them the right message. You would not use the same imagery for a group of retirees as you would for a group of Silicon Valley investors. When your audience feels connected to you they will say things like you “totally get them”, that you “just clicked”, and you will know that your creative website has locked into their motivations.

4: Have A Clear Path

Once you have determined your main selling point, define a clear path for your visitors and make it easy for them to accomplish their goals. Ensure that your call to action grabs the attention of your potential customer and helps them to easily follow through your predetermined steps. Your call to action is typically a button (to indicate action), and should use a strong, contrasting color .

When developing your creative website, consider how your pages can be different than your competition’s. Using a few of these critical methods can help your message to stand out and your brand to be more memorable.

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