5 Blog Topics Your Clients Want to Read About

5 Blog Topics Your Clients Want to Read About

Writing and updating your blog can feel like a monumental, time-consuming task, especially if you currently have a heavy case load. You’ve probably heard how important it is to continue generating new content for your website, but it’s easy to lose steam if you lack the time, and especially if you have a hard time deciding what to write about.

One of the most common mistakes made by attorneys is that they fail to create content that resonates with their ideal clients. With this in mind, here are a few examples of some of the topics you can focus on to get the best response from your target audience.

  • Problems and solutions: This is one of the most effective types of topics for law firms. Your clients come to you because they have some sort of legal problem they need to be addressed. With this type of blog, you can tackle common legal problems and some of the most effective solutions for them. This showcases you and your firm as being thought leaders and experts in your particular field.
  • Relevant cases: If there are any high-profile cases nationally or locally related to your subject area, you can discuss those cases and analyze them from your perspective as an attorney in that branch of law. Sometimes analyzing high-profile cases helps your target audience see how an attorney would approach their individual case.
  • Current events: There are other newsworthy stories that might be relevant to your firm and its target audience. For example, changes to laws governing your field, or proposed pieces of legislation that could have an effect on future cases. Discussing these current events shows your potential clients that your firm carefully follows all the latest news and happenings in your practice area and that you care about staying informed and ready.
  • Client spotlight: Showcasing a particular client and how you helped them in their case makes that client feel special and also showcases your firm’s abilities. You can always leave your clients anonymous if you practice a more sensitive type of law, but putting a spotlight on your cases can be a good way of building trust in your readers.
  • Service offerings: Just as some retail companies might focus on specific products they’re selling in their blogs, you can spend some time showcasing specific services you offer. If, for example, you’re a personal injury firm, you could do a series on pedestrian and cyclist accidents and some of the unique elements of those cases.

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