5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Content

5 Clever Ways To Repurpose Your Content


Content creation is often time consuming and having to create something from scratch can be overwhelming and end up being put to the side. Content has a lifespan, and even though an initial post may strike a burst of interest, once it has become one in a billion posts it can fail to grab attention anymore.

By repurposing your content, you can save yourself the time and effort it takes to create new content. If you have content that was well received and offered a lot of value to your viewers, you can use it again to re-engage or bring in a new audience that maybe did not see the original content.

How can you repurpose your content to get successful results? Here are some ways you can make the most out of your original content.

Make The Most Of Your Content

The amount of time saved is a huge benefit when repurposing content. By getting your existing content to a broader audience, there is less stress to consistently create brand new content. You can use SEO to your advantage, reach new audiences, or create association with your expertise by effectively repurposing your content and generate even more of a following.

To find what content you should be repurposing, we recommend:

  • Finding content in your archives that consistently stays relevant and of high quality
  • Reviewing your popular posts with site analytics
  • Expand or improve on a topic

1. Create an EBook

Blog articles are great repurposing material. There is content in each article that you can update or give another outlook to that can be enough to start an ebook. An ebook should be worth the additional investment, so be sure to take the time to expand further on topics, do additional research, and add photos. If any of your blog series or posts are linked together, you can create a download directly on your website. Ebooks can be used as an additional revenue stream or act as a subscription, but also be used as a giveaway, reward, or offer.

2. Use Your Content for Quotes on Social Media

When you go through your existing content, you’re bound to find some quotable sentences. These can be pulled to use as a Tweet, or overlay a quote on a graphic and post it to Instagram. You can get creative with how you present your content online and reach different audiences based on aesthetics or attitude. Even if it feels like you are sharing content with the same audience, take into account different time zones, new kinds of followers, and how you can test different variations of content.

3. Turn Your Content Into a Video or Podcast

Some of your audience may prefer content they don’t have to read but can watch or listen to instead. It takes a lot of time to create videos and write scripts, so by using repurposed content, you already have a starting point! Making videos or podcasts is the perfect opportunity to engage with a new audience. Podcasts or videos can often act as a jumping off point for larger discussions and allow for more communication with your viewers and listeners with frequent updates.

4. Create an Infographic From Your Content

If you have content that is based on statistics, or have written a “how to” blog post in the past, you can turn these into helpful infographics. Infographics are a visual outline that can offer a complete summary of your content and break up an article into major talking points. Infographics can easily be shared on social media and some people feel they can consume information better when it is visually laid out for them. You may need the assistance of a designer, but with the content you already have ready to go, this can be a fairly easy task!

5. Send Out a Recap Newsletter

Some content can be easily broken up into small chunks and can be great as an email series or recap. You can share your top-performing content of the month with a recap newsletter that might allow you to reach even more of your audience by sending the newsletter to subscribers. Prior to even writing your blog or articles, think about its repurposing ability for the future. One story you have written may branch off into many more pieces of content.

Conroy Creative Counsel To Build The Best Law Firm Website

Instead of getting hung up on the idea of coming up with new content constantly, think about how you can get creative when repurposing original content that will allow you to keep your social media consistent and webpages active and relevant. Creating content and bringing in new visitors is a common goal to have, but making valuable content that will turn those visitors into leads and clients is more important to your law firm. 

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we help you create and manage your law firm website with our education, insight we have developed with years of corporate marketing, and broad experience serving the legal industry. With a deep understanding of effective marketing strategies, we pay close attention to detail and can help you reach potential clients by creating the best law firm website. Let us help build your presence online to curate the clientele you desire.

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