5 Easy Marketing Tasks You Can Do Today

Attorneys who run their own firms have a lot on their plates, and it can become easy to feel like you’re stretching yourself too thin. When we get busy, our natural tendency is to focus on top-priority items and let our marketing efforts slide. However, the long-term success of your firm hinges on your ability to always stay on top of your marketing initiatives.

The good news is that there are some marketing tasks that are simple, highly effective and don’t take a whole lot of time or effort. A half hour to an hour each day spent on these simple tasks will help keep your firm at the top of the minds of your clients and targets.

Here are a few of these easy marketing tasks you can perform anytime, anywhere.

  1. Social media marketing: Social media marketing requires minimal financial and time investment, but can pay big dividends. Comment on posts, reply to comments, ask your followers questions and share relevant articles or information. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of time on your social media profiles, but maintaining an active presence reflects well on your firm and shows current and potential clients that you care about maintaining relationships and connections.
  2. Find ways to reuse old content: If you have built up a repository of blogs, videos and other types of digital content, you can always go back to them and re-share them some time after they were originally published. This takes very little time, and is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of that content.
  3. Reach out to old connections: Make it a point every now and then to reach out to past clients or targets to check in on them, see how they’re doing and remind them that you are always available to assist if they (or anyone they know) have any legal needs.
  4. Thank your clients: Thank you messages can be very powerful when delivered in a personal manner. Send thank yous to clients you’ve recently worked with, and showcase your gratitude for the opportunity to assist them with their legal needs. This reflects well on your brand and makes it more likely your clients will either work with you again or recommend you to others.
  5. Send out newsletters: Email newsletters once a week or a couple times a month can help you stay front of mind with your subscribers and can also serve as a great way to drive traffic to your website and deliver important, informational content. Certain tasks associated with newsletters can easily be automated, cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend on them personally.

For more information about some simple marketing tasks you can perform even with a busy schedule, contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel!

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