5 Forms You Need to Include On Your Website

5 Forms You Need to Include On Your Website


You know a lot about forms as a lawyer and most likely have to deal with way more than you would like to! Many people feel the same way, but the proper website forms can significantly benefit your law firm and your clients. 

Even though most people don’t get super excited about the idea of forms, several necessary forms are essential to consider when it comes to your law firm’s website.

Proper forms can significantly improve a potential client’s experience and help you improve your relationships with your clients. Let’s look at some website forms considered must-haves for the best law firm websites.

Essential Website Forms For Your Law Firm’s Website

Website forms are easily one of a website’s undervalued and underestimated elements. Many people need to realize that adequately designed website forms can be the difference between having a successful law firm website and one that is unproductive and ineffective. Learning how to utilize website forms in your favor is crucial to developing the best law firm website, standing out from the crowd, and staying ahead of the competition.

Below are five forms that will help your law firm connect with current and future clients, garner leads, receive feedback, get ideas, offer support, and more.

1. A Contact Form

Your contact form should be easy to locate and is generally found on your law firm’s contact page. The visitors to your site want an easy way to send you a message, whether asking about services you offer or scheduling a consultation. By making yourself easily accessible through a contact form, it provides a better experience for your clientele. It also cuts down on spam because bots aren’t able to quickly get your email address from your website.

2. Email Signup Form For Newsletter and Blog

Email is the most common form of communication for most law firms today and is an exceptional marketing tool. Conversational emails and blogs are a great way of nurturing and building rapport and relationships with potential clients. For your readers to sign-up to receive your email newsletter or blog post, you will need to have a form on your website where they can fill in their name and email address, giving you permission to correspond with them and receive emails from your law firm. Also, collecting emails will be handy when you want to send out content easily as you create it.

3. Survey Form For Customer Review and Feedback 

Feedback and reviews from your clients are essential for the tremendous success of your law firm. When your clients are happy and satisfied with your services, your business will thrive. If one of your clients is unhappy, then hearing about it will allow you to improve things and improve any areas that need attention. Feedback is crucial to helping you improve your professional services and offer better experiences for your clients.

Survey forms can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Feedback. On a survey form, you can also include specific questions that can gather details that your clients may not include any other way. You can also use survey forms for testimonials (with permission) or as a guide for clients to reach out for a testimonial.
  • Idea Gathering. You can use survey forms to find out what additional features your clients would like to see on your website or what topics they would like to read on your blog. 

Surveys allow you to solicit responses from your clients rather than waiting for them to offer them.

4. Client Support Form

At some point during the attorney-client relationship, your clients will need some support. To provide exceptional support for your clients, including an easily accessible form where they can easily send a message to request support. Those messages will then transfer to a support ticket platform or directly to your team via email. Once received, you can contact your client to offer support and additional service.

5. Scheduling A Call or A Call Back Form

Supply a form so people can pick a date and time for a call or provide their information to request a call back from you or someone on your team. 

The easier it is for your clients to connect with your law firm, the more comfortable they will be. When you offer various ways for your clients to connect with you and your firm, it will ensure they can ask for help and reach out comfortably. This will significantly impact the success of your website and your law firm.

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