5 Tips to Make Your Website Content Mobile Friendly

5 Tips to Make Your Website Content Mobile Friendly

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People everywhere consistently use their mobile devices at restaurants, in the car, bus, or trains, etc., and expect to be able to access mobile-friendly content with the touch of a button. 

Daily content consumption on mobile devices has significantly increased. Your law firm must make your content mobile-friendly to stay ahead of the competition and in touch with your readers and potential clients. You may have the best law firm website, but if it doesn’t work on a mobile device, it will unfortunately not be as influential or engaging as it could be.

Here are the top ideas for making your content mobile-friendly and staying connected and relevant to your target audience.

Best Ways To Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, almost everyone searches for things on mobile devices, often using voice search. You must build your law firm’s website designs for phones, tablets, and laptops. Remember that your website is for your clients, not for you. It is essential for your content marketing to be kept up to date with current methods of accessing the internet and users who predominantly use mobile devices.

1. Short Paragraphs

Your content needs to load quickly and be easy to read. Shorter paragraphs are significantly easier to read on mobile devices. It is best if the content is written in brief, concise paragraphs, so it doesn’t overwhelm the readers. Content is king for law firm websites and can boost your reputation and relationships with clients and competitors.

2. Best Choice For Fonts

The most crucial factor in choosing your fonts is that it is easy to read. While you may be tempted to choose one that is unique, fancy, or looks fun, it may be hard to read on your website and even more so on a mobile device. Choose a font that is clear, clean, and easy to read on smaller screens. It is essential that reading your content doesn’t strain the reader’s eyes or make it challenging to understand the words because many people will leave your website quickly if this happens.

Even with the ideal font, if the text is too small and causes your readers to squint, they will soon move on to find a more user-friendly website.

3. Incorporating Images

When delivering content, you want to avoid the trap of endless text. Using images is the perfect way to break up text to ensure you don’t end up with runaway paragraphs. Do you know the saying “ a picture is worth a thousand words”? The right images add emphasis and help your clients visualize what you are writing about and even what it would be like to hire your law firm. When choosing images, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts of using stock photos if you are using them and make sure they are sized appropriately, responsively, and accurately reflect your branding style, color, and persona.

4. Easily Accessible Buttons

Website client conversion is one of the main goals of quality mobile-friendly content marketing. Buttons are easily incorporated to make contacting your law firm for a consultation or include a CTA (call to action) in your content. It is critical to ensure that all the buttons you place in your content are easily visible and accessible and not hidden away or out of the site because your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Place your buttons, so they are easy for website visitors to find without having to scroll up and down or side to side, making it feel very tedious when they want to connect with your firm.

5. The Color Choice

Color choice is highly influential and often underrated. When choosing colors for your website, text, background, website forms, charts, and buttons, ensure you aren’t impeding your reader’s ability to see and engage with your content. Specific colors are extremely difficult to see or glaring to the eye. It is essential to have the ideal amount of contrast when choosing the color of your text against the background, especially when designing the best law firm website for mobile devices and mobile-friendly content. For example, you wouldn’t want to use white text on a light blue background unless you want your readers to move on to your competitor’s easy-to-read websites quickly.

6. Optimized For Voice Search

Many people search the internet today by speaking rather than typing. Voice-activated speakers, in-vehicle voice connectivity, and voice-to-text have revolutionized how many people search for answers on Google and other search engines. The most significant difference between typing and speaking when searching is that the spoken phrases are longer and conversational rather than 2 or 3 words. Your firm’s website needs to anticipate these phrases, optimize for them, and create SEO-friendly content, meaning that content needs to be conversational rather than formal to reflect how people speak.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

The best law firm websites are programmed on the back end to ensure they are optimal for mobile digital engagement. We have all experienced an unresponsive website, and it is frustrating. If your website is any of the following, it is time to upgrade.

  • Sluggish, or has chunks of text missing
  • Difficult to read, and you have to move the page side to side to read the entire page
  • Clunky and challenging to navigate

Designing The Best Law Firm Website

Whether you are creating a new mobile-friendly website or updating an old one when it comes to designing the best law firm website, it can be a lot of work. Designing a website can be done by many people, but for it to be excellent, user-friendly, and professional, you need an expert.

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we help law firms thrive, expand their reach online, and maintain a high ranking with search engines to ensure your law firm gets noticed. We have a deep understanding of marketing and content strategy and will leverage the power of marketing to help grow your firm. Contact us today and let us help you design the best law firm website and connect with clients no matter what method they use for reading your content.


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