5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Results

marketing results

The focus of most marketing teams is to drive traffic to a website with the goal of converting that traffic to qualified leads. But your marketing campaign can’t stop there. You should constantly be analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns and tweaking and optimizing them to improve their results. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you aren’t getting the results that you expected from your marketing efforts, take a look at what you are doing because it may be time to change things up. We will discuss our top five tips for ensuring that your existing marketing campaign is optimized.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) happens when you use the behavior of your website visitors to optimize your website. By using this data to tweak your website, you can improve the probability of a visitor performing a desired action on a page (i.e., filling out a form or clicking a button). You then analyze that data to improve the results of your marketing campaign.

Tips for Improving Marketing Results

If you aren’t seeing the increase in leads that you had hoped for when planning your marketing campaign, here are some things you can do to optimize it.

Improve Your Landing Page

When someone clicks on your marketing campaign, they are redirected to your landing page. And since the specific purpose of a landing page is to convert traffic into leads and clients, it’s no surprise that they have a 23% conversion rate, which is the highest conversion rate of any signup form.

A quality landing page will not only contain copy persuading the user to perform the desired action, but it should also contain the following elements:

  • A main and supporting headline
  • A selling proposition that stands out
  • Show the end-user how this action can benefit them
  • High-quality photos or videos
  • Social proof
  • A call-to-action (CTA)

Optimizing your landing page and implementing changes that will improve user experience will increase conversion. Analyzing how users interact with the page, A/B testing elements of a page, SEO, and updating your CTA and content are all part of landing page optimization.

Adjust Your Audience

When you’re performing SEO work or running a paid ad, it’s vital to target the right audience and use the right keywords.

First, determine the audience that will be looking for the services that you are providing. You shouldn’t shy away from testing new audiences and searching out additional opportunities.

Once you have determined who may be searching for your services, you need to think about what keywords they may be using when searching for your services. Using well-researched keywords will help users find your website.

Optimize Email Campaigns

Are you sending out marketing emails regularly? If not, your law firm will likely not be at the front of a subscriber’s mind when they are looking for your services. Sending out regular communications can help ensure that you are the law firm they think of when they need legal help, increasing your chance of generating more sales.

Elements such as a compelling subject line, a strong CTA, and images that resonate with subscribers, are other ways to optimize your email campaigns and increase conversion rates.

Increase Your Budget

Often, CRO isn’t a priority when it comes to a marketing budget. This is often the case because, while pay-per-click ads and SEO outcomes can be quantified easier, it takes time to see the full impact of CRO. However, if you aren’t optimizing your website, it could also affect the efforts you put forth in your pay-per-click ads and SEO as well.

A budget that is too small will also keep you from being able to compete for popular keywords. Then, your budget ends up being used too quickly, and your ads will no longer be visible.

Try a Different Approach

There isn’t a one size fits all marketing method. Just because it worked for a competing law firm doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for yours. So if you’ve given a marketing method a reasonable amount of time and it still doesn’t seem to be working, try something new. Sometimes trying something new can set you apart from the competition and may even make your law firm appeal to more potential clients.

Let Conroy Creative Counsel Be Your Marketing Co-Counsel

Utilizing CRO can help you generate more qualified leads, but ultimately, you need to give your website visitors what they want. And no one understands your client’s needs better than you. So use that knowledge, implement some of the tips listed above, and make necessary changes to increase conversion rates.

If you’re ready to create a dynamic online presence, Conroy Creative Counsel is prepared to be your marketing co-counsel. With a combination of education, insight developed over years of corporate marketing, and broad experience serving the legal industry, we provide strategic marketing services to growth-minded law firms to help elevate their reputation and expand their reach.

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