A guide to writing your unique value proposition

Having a strong unique value proposition (UVP) helps you better communicate the value of your services to your clients. It tells your clients what you’re all about, the specific benefits you can provide and how you separate yourself from your competitors.

So what makes for a great UVP? Here are some tips for you to keep in mind as you develop a UVP for your brand.

Know your clients

First and foremost, to make a truly effective UVP you must understand your client base. A strong UVP should always appeal to your target audience, so think about who your clients are.

A personal injury lawyer, for example, is working with people who have had a traumatic accident experience and want to focus on their recovery. They want someone who will fight for their best interest. An estate planning attorney works with people who have to make occasionally difficult or stressful end-of-life decisions, and decisions about how they will ensure their estate assets and legacy are passed on after their death, and thus needs to be compassionate and understanding.

By understanding your clients, their needs and their personalities, you can better craft a UVP that will resonate with them.

Emphasize the benefits you provide

What is the main benefit you provide to your customers? Think about this carefully—it’s crucial to be specific with benefits if you want to create an effective UVP.

A divorce lawyer might, for example, emphasize the professional and personal support they provide during a very difficult and emotional time of upheaval, keeping a client’s case organized for them and guiding them through the court process.

Know what makes you unique

What are some of the specific selling points for your firm that would encourage clients to work with you over some competitors?

Size of the firm could be a point of emphasis, especially if you can promise your clients you’ll be working with them directly, rather than passing them off to a rotating cast of legal staff. You can emphasize specific areas of expertise or experience, or a track record of high-value settlements. Anything you have that your competitors do not is something you’re going to want to emphasize as part of your UVP.

Make it short and to the point

A strong UVP will be short and simple, something you can keep to a single sentence so it can be featured in your website’s hero section. It should make an immediate impression, and clearly communicate how you deliver value to your clients. It may take some workshopping to get a strong, short UVP that you’re satisfied with, but it’s worth your while.

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