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Our team is dedicated to creating smart, strategic websites for the legal industry and providing our clients with insightful marketing strategy to support their goals. Our clients enjoy an online presence that displays their expertise beautifully and the increased revenue that flows from the effective promotional strategies we create.



Expertise specific to the legal industry.

Providing strategic services uniquely designed to expand the reach and increase the revenue of law firms across a variety of practice areas.

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Modern marketing practices.

Combining  modern technology and marketing practices with a focus on the legal profession to provide our clients with a strong digital presence in their markets.



Leveraging MBA-level business acumen with creative insight  to give our clients an innovative and effective approach to web design. 



Law school doesn’t teach you how to run a business.

Fighting for your clients doesn’t prepare you to fight for clients in the marketplace. You need creative representation you can trust to strategically market your firm online. I built this firm to give savvy attorneys like you the insight and expertise needed to win in the marketplace. 

My approach combines my educational background (I hold an MBA from the University of California), insight developed over several years of corporate marketing, and my strategic design ability. I specialize in providing marketing insight and strategy to my clients and share my expertise with the legal community through my work as a writer for Lawyerist, Attorney at Work, and a myriad of other publications and podcasts.  

Isn’t it time you put experienced creative representation to work for you? 

Karin Conroy
Founder | Creative Director

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SEO and content strategy
Content Marketing

Post-Pandemic SEO and Content Strategy

A unique approach for search engine optimization (SEO) is one that considers your content as the driver of your SEO results. Therefore, you need to adjust your content to convey messages of availability and safety. In the age of COVID-19, strong written copy goes beyond providing useful information about the services you offer and information about your firm’s background. It is more important than ever to develop a brand character and to connect with the emotions your audience is feeling.

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prepare your website
Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Prepare Your Website for a Future Surge in Business

My recent post at Attorney at Work: Five tips for upgrading your website strategy. In the coming months you can expect to see a spike in demand for legal representation since many consumers have put off non-urgent legal needs during the pandemic months. How will your firm prepare for this future surge in business?

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Position Your Firm

What Are You Known For? Positioning Your Firm for Success

Branding your firm is a smart way to visually set yourself apart, but to have an effective brand, you must first decide how to position your firm in the market. To determine your firm’s positioning, think about your core values and how you express them in your practice. How do you communicate with clients and opposing counsel? Are you aggressive or compassionate?

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Michelle Hunter combines marketing experience and proven writing ability to create effective content strategy for established professionals and firms. As a strategic partner, she provides our clients with compelling website copy that sets them apart, communicates their expertise, and attracts potential clients to their firm.  She supports our SEO clients by establishing effective content strategy they can implement to increase search results. Learn more by visiting michellehuntercreative.com.

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