Why you need to use analytics on your website

Why you need to use analytics on your website

analytics on your website

Most law firm owners are always looking for ways to grow their firm, especially online. Considering ecommerce sales rose by 43% in 2020, many firms have realized just how important it is to have a digital presence as informational sites to educate their visitors.

Some law firm owners already have analytics on their websites that are typically recommended by a design agency, but have no idea what that means, how it works, why it should be used, or any of the benefits it can have.

Whether you are someone looking for a better understanding of analytics for your existing website or are just learning about it, we will discuss what benefits using Google Analytics can have on your firm and why you need it for your website.

Discovering How Your Website Was Found

Google owns a significant part of the search engine market and being on a website that is used by millions a day can successfully expand your discoverability. Using Google Analytics gives you the ability to find out how traffic has been directed to your website. You may be organically found in search engines, but you also can be found through paid advertising or social media posts. Once you have a Google Analytics account, you are able to see how people are gaining access to your website which can help you build a better idea of how to gain more visibility and generate even more traffic to your site.

Audience data includes:

  • Numbers of visits and unique visitors
  • New or returning visitor ratios
  • What browser or device is being used
  • What country the user is visiting from

Tracking User Behavior

Using Google Analytics gives you insight into your audience and their behaviors. By having this information, you can identify what channels tend to drive visitors to your site, and what your consumers want and need.

Audience behavior can allow you to look at:

  • What your visitors are looking for before coming to your site
  • What they search while visiting your site
  • Frequently visited pages
  • Length of time spent on specific pages
  • How many pages viewed before leaving your page, or bounce rates

Learning Your Visitor Demographics

Your audience demographics like age, interests, gender, or location are all important data to consider in order to create a better, more engaging user experience. Knowing these specific demographics can offer insight on how to customize your website, making it more accessible and useful to an individual. When creating a more customized experience to specific audiences, it can encourage them to stay longer and return to your page in the future.

Goal Tracking

Every law firm will have different goals for their website, but having the access to track user experiences play a large part in what type of goals you would like to set. With Google Analytics, you are able to see if your firm is progressing, the strengths and weaknesses of your user experience, and how effective your website is. Knowing all this, you can strategize how to keep it growing and are given the opportunity to react more quickly based on the data.

Creating Content That Works Best

It’s much easier to create content when you have a better idea of what users want to see and what they don’t. Knowing your content’s reach and how well it does on your website can lead you to creating more content like it, or updating old content that has less visibility or engagement. Your content should be relevant and easy to understand, and when created correctly can offer a higher rank in search engines. With content marketing you can generate more sales and engagement without actually selling anything, and just by simply building trust with your client base will ensure repeat customers as well as referrals.

Internal Site Searches

If a search function is available on your website, you can track what your users are searching for. These top searches can be used for marketing strategies and when making future content. By viewing your internal searches done on your website you can:

  • View the quality of your site search: Not only can you see what your visitors are searching, you can also look at the effectiveness based on the outcome of their search. If someone can’t find the answers to their question and immediately leaves your site, this tells you that you should devote time into search accuracy and functionality.
  • Gives valuable information about what visitors want: Understanding exactly what your visitors are searching for when they come to your site can be beneficial for specific content, keywords to be used, or products.
  • Better chances of conversion: When a search function is available it gives a better overall user experience. By having accurate customer intent and quality search functionality you can lead your visitors to the right place to find exactly what they need. It is less likely for someone to leave the website and actually follow through with intentions when you improve the performance of search results that are quick and accurate.

Address Issues

When you have all the data collected, you can effectively see what areas on your site need more attention. Certain social platforms may do better than others, so investing more of a budget to one than the other can help generate more traffic to your site. Looking at high bounce off rates of your site can indicate why a person left the page, whether it is a slow loading page, bringing the wrong viewers based on incorrect keywords, or simply is not grabbing attention of the viewer and needs updating.

Using Analytics to Benefit Your Business

When you want to increase traffic, revenue, and business, you may feel a little lost on where to start with your website and content. With Conroy Creative Counsel, we help lawfirms to thrive and expand their reach online with impactful designs, deep understanding in marketing, and effective strategies. Contact us today for a competitive advantage and to stand out from the rest.


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