1. Clean Layout with Easy Navigation- As an attorney, your website design represents you and your law firm and is generally one of the first introductions your potential clients have to you. If you have a cluttered, clunky layout on your website, your clients may get the impression you are unorganized. Having a classy, clean layout that is easy for clients to navigate gives an initial good impression of your law firm while also making it simple for your clients to find what they’re looking for. 

2. Mobile Friendly- As mobile devices become more and more used as personal computers,having a mobile friendly website is even more important than ever before. As you are considering options for your website design, keep in mind that not every design or picture will translate to mobile the same way. Sometimes something that looks nice on a desktop looks terrible on a mobile device or doesn’t work properly. Be sure your website design will be mobile friendly to help your clients who are trying to find an attorney on the go.

3. Professional Copy with Proper Information- Copy on your website is so important as it is how your clients will find out about you, your law firm, your services, and your location. Be sure your copy is professionally written and has all the information your potential clients will need to know if you are the right attorney for them.

4. Design That Represents Your Law Firm- When you are working on your website design and are trying to figure out how it should look, remember that it represents you as an attorney and your law firm. The design should be able to show potential clients the personality and services of your law firm. If you represent families, having a sharp, modern website design is probably not the best way to go. Families generally want to find a family friendly,soft website design when they need an attorney. However, if you represent large corporations, instead of a soft website design, a more sharp, modern design may be exactly what you need.

5. Contact Page- Every page of your website design is important and should only be there i fit is serving a specific purpose. But one of the most important pages that may seem trivial is a contact page. If your clients don’t have a way to contact you, then no matter how perfect your website design is, it hasn’t served its purpose.