Featured on Attorney at Law: 5 Best Business Books That Will Inspire Female Founders

I’m so excited to get featured in Attorney at Law, for 5 Best Business Books That Will Inspire Female Founders There are so many business and career books these days. You can find one on the topic of almost any challenge you’re facing in your business or ascent up the corporate ladder. But business books for female founders and female lawyers are far and few in-between. The unique challenges faced by female founders are well-known by those in the trenches. Juggling family, parenthood, being a wife, and building a company isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of business books to inspire female founders and female lawyers as well. All of these books have been written by women who have walked in your shoes. They share their wisdom and lessons learned so that you can avoid the same mistakes, and so that you know you’re not alone on this path. Click here to read more: https://attorneyatlawmagazine.com/5-best-business-books-will-inspire-female-founders
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