Case Study: Haugen Law

Making a Better Legal Website

Award-Winning Design to modernise Law Firm’s Website

The Haugen Law Group is a small group of lawyers located in the south metro Excelsior, Minnesota area. Andy Haugen and his team of legal professionals have served the residents of several surrounding counties for over ten years, specializing in dealing with complex financial issues such as farm divorces.

The firm also specializes in family law issues, including dissolution of marriage, child custody, support issues, and mediation. The Law Group targeted clients demographically, with a preference to those in the surrounding counties. However, their website was minimal and in need of a major overhaul, as it wasn’t meeting the needs of the firm or its potential clients.

The Haugen Law Group needed a website that clearly displayed their professional services they offer and the locations which they serve. The group also needed to better track the metrics of their website.

In short, Haugen Law Group needed a new website that was as unique and as effective as them.

What Haugen’s Team Needed

The team at Haugen Law knew what they needed, but they didn’t know how to create it.



They Needed to Target Geographically

SEO is very important for websites as sensitive and specialized as this. Because the firm wanted to target clients in a specific area, their website needed to be optimized for local SEO to improve search engine rankings for select geographic regions.



They Needed to Highlight and Clarify Their Services

As the law group offers specialized and unique services, their website needed to clearly communicate to their potential clients. They needed the site to stand out, function perfectly, and be fully responsive to mobile devices in order to give a professional user experience to potential clients on any device.



They Needed to Be Able to Track Metrics

Their old website had limited function and no way to track how many visitors they had or where the visitors came from. The new website would need to allow them to monitor this information so they could react appropriately.

Making a Better Legal Website

Haugen made it clear that they didn’t want to look like every other generic legal website on the internet. We used the information they gave us to create a better, more functional website that could meet their clients’ needs and help the law firm grow its business.

Step 01

Search Engine Optimization

Using advanced SEO techniques, we were able to target the key counties in which the Haugen Law Group preferred to seek clients. Keywords were used as well to help improve search engine result rankings for the site.

Step 02

A Unique, Modern Website Design

To make the website more appealing to visitors, the aesthetic appearance was of equal importance to the website function. The use of images, smaller blocks of text, and clearly labeled areas of the law firm’s services make it easy for visitors to see at a glance just how Haugen’s Law can help.

The site’s dynamic feel and modern look help it stand out from other legal websites. It is as unique as the law group itself and reflects their individuality to their potential clients.

Step 03

Allow the Group to Track Metrics

While their previous website was a simple FindLaw template, the new website is fully customizable. It includes the ability for the firm to see how many visitors they have and where they have come from. Notably, many of their visitors are viewing the site on mobile devices. The website has been designed to be mobile-friendly for this reason.

Shortly after the website launched, we were delighted to find out that it has won an award in the prestigious Lawyerist “Best Law Firm Website Contest

A Happy Client That Stands Out

The Haugen Law Group needed a modern, innovative website that is as unique as they are. The client has noted that they received good feedback from fellow law groups who feel that the Haugen website “really stands out and reflects who we are.”

The client is excited to track their metrics and looks forward to better serving their targeted community through their new site.

“I’ll just bottom line things here and say that working with Karin and her team was a delight and she made a process that can feel very fraught very easy instead.”

— Haugen Law Group