Case Study: Sperling & Slater, LLC

Online presence needed modernizing

Updating a Neglected Website to Create a Dynamic, Innovative Online Presence

Sperling & Slater, LLC is an established legal firm with 34 lawyers. The firm has been practicing for approximately 35 years and is based in Chicago IL, though their commercial litigation practice serves clients nationwide.

Despite having a depth of experience with patent and contract litigations and experience with contract disputes, the company’s website didn’t give potential clients such an impression. Like many legal firms, Sperling & Slater’s website had not been on the top of their priority list for some time, and clients had started to feed this back internally.

Some of the senior partners disliked the idea of websites that felt like they were simply a form of advertising. Wanting to create a more modern online presence, the firm contacted us to help bring their website up to date and maximize its online reach to potential clients.


What They Needed

Despite a long history and a good reputation in the legal field, the law firm was missing out on potential clients because of its online image. In trying to avoid anything that looked like advertising, they consequently deterred potential clients who thought the firm wasn’t modern enough.



Their online presence needed modernizing

They needed an updated website that represented their knowledge and expertise in a more modern, up-to-date manner. The new-look website needed to both attract new clients and still reflect the established reputation of the firm.



The New Website needed to be effective, but simple

While searching for a solution, the firm found that several website designers offered the promise of gimmick-laden, sophisticated websites. However, the client was confident that they wanted something simple, practical, and elegant that could clearly convey their experience, energy, and results-oriented approach.

How Conroy Creative Counsel helped them

Step 01

Plan a website that meets the client’s needs

The law firm was clear that they valued simplicity over gimmicks, but they were also aware that they needed to be careful to avoid looking too dull or boring. With this in mind, we created a website that utilized small details to create a clean, confident look.

Step 02

Create a website that works for everyone

We stressed the results-oriented nature of the firm for its commercial clients and made navigating the website intuitive and straightforward. Potential clients can see at a glance what services are offered. We also made sure that the look of the website wasn’t overtly advertising in its nature. Again, we let the client’s experience and reputation do the talking.

A more modern Online Presence

Despite their experience and expertise, the legal firm’s online presence needed an update. Previous attempts to modernize their website had been unsuccessful and had resulted in the firm having a stale online reputation. Our updated website was lauded as a success by our client. They noted that the new website we created had received numerous compliments. The legal firm are thrilled with the new website, particularly our careful attention to even the most minor details.

“The attention to detail by Conroy Creative Counsel in its design — everything from font, font size and the breadth of the white space was carefully considered and calibrated.”

— Sperling & Slater, LLC