Case Study: Widder Law

Jeremy Widder Law

Generating quality leads in a cost-effective manner with a high-quality website update

Jeremy Widder Law is a young firm located in Charles County, Maryland. The group specializes in providing top-notch legal representation for clients with criminal, DUI/traffic, and protective order matters.

Serving the greater Charles County area, the firm wanted to specifically target female consumers, emphasizing empathy and a highly sensitive customer service. However, their existing website wasn’t generating the desired quality leads they were looking for, and their preferred clients base was not aware that the newly established firm even existed.


Helping create a dynamic online presence

The client understood that a website alone was not enough to generate the high-quality leads they were looking for. They knew that they needed a website that clearly defined the important services they offered. They also wanted to target a specific demographic (women) and felt that their website should display their empathy, sensitivity and experience with these services.

We knew that this law firm could increase the number of quality leads with the right approach without spending a fortune on advertising. With a targeted approach to SEO and careful branding, we were positive that we could deliver the results that the client was looking for.


Build a website that defines their brand

As a new business, the law firm needed to establish its brand and clearly define its services. They also wanted to show their experience and empathy to attract their preferred clients.


Build a website that defines their brand

As a new business, the law firm needed to establish its brand and clearly define its services. They also wanted to show their experience and empathy to attract their preferred clients.

Highlighting the firm’s experience and empathy

Jeremy Widder Law may have been a young firm, but they had the years of experience and empathy needed to effectively handle their clients’ needs. Their online presence had to reflect this reality and appeal to new clients who may not understand the complexity of legal processes and who needed legal representation that could offer sensitive support.

Step 01

Creating a plan

After speaking with Jeremy Widder, we decided that the best approach would be to design an easy-to-use website that clearly defines the law firm’s identity and services.

Because the law firm wanted to attract a female clientele, my input as a female designer was invaluable. By focusing on branding, traightforward design, and SEO, I was confident that Conroy Creative could provide the client with exactly what they were looking for.

Step 02

Targeting a specific clientele

The law firm made it clear that they would like to appeal to women consumers. To do this, we highlighted the firm’s vast experience in the legal field as well as their empathetic approach to legal defense.

By focusing on the Jeremy Widder brand, we aimed to build trust with potential clients and help engage visitors to seek out the Widder Law firm for their legal needs. The areas of expertise are clearly listed and detailed on their website, so potential clients can easily see if the law firm can help with their situation.

The use of language on the website directly reflects this sense of empathy and experience, and the layout of the site itself is clean and easy to navigate. Overall, the new website is designed to create a more accessible and smoother user experience for visitors.

Step 03

Optimizing for SEO

We utilized several keywords and geographical locations to help maximize the impact of SEO on search engine results. Specifically, keywords involving criminal law and criminal defense were targeted as well as the cities in which the law firm hoped to find clients.

We also set up ongoing SEO management for the client to continually improve and maintain search engine rankings for the law firm. This ongoing assistance would help ensure continual lead generation in a highly competitive field.

Results of our work

Ultimately, the proof of success with any website is in the traffic it generates, and the Jeremy Widder Law website is a definite success. The client notes that their Google My Business search views increased by 39% after the new website was launched.

Map views increased by 14%, and website impressions increased by nearly 300%. Ultimately, the number of qualified leads through organic search channels doubled for this client.

Working with a client that is dedicated to helping their own target audience meant that I needed to be open and responsive to their needs. The payoff was ultimately successful for the firm, and they are extremely pleased with the services we provided.

‘Karin is very easy to work with, professional, and responsive.’

— Jeremy Widder Law