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4 Keys to a Creative Website

October 27, 2011

Finding a creative website that is entirely unique and something that has never been seen before, is rare if not impossible. Typically a website will stand out from the crowd if it has a few compelling features, but upon examination they are not so much different than the less interesting sites. So how do you […]


A Brand Is Not Just A Logo

October 13, 2011

Your brand involves more than just creating a logo and it is commonly defined as your customer’s experience. A brand is what your customers think of you and a reflection of everything you do: the way you send emails, your website, your Tweets, how you describe your business, and the logo on your business cards. […]


Use Whitespace to Enhance Your Website

July 14, 2011

In websites and in life, we strive for the balance of simplicity and that over-used phrase “less is more”. Without whitespace, your website would be confusing, cheap, and cluttered. When your website is too crowded and every available space is being used, it creates confusion for your users and none of your messages stand out. […]


Forget About The Fold

June 02, 2011

How about we all agree to stop talking about the fold of a webpage? Are you asking yourself how to get your web page to fold? Wondering if we are all making fancy internet paper airplanes and you have been left out? Don’t worry. It is, in fact, not possible to get a webpage to […]


Your Website’s Call to Action

May 12, 2011

The call to action should be the beginning and ending of your web page. Start with the end in mind and work your content backwards. This the best method of ensuring that you accomplish your goals and meet the needs of your clients. Your call to action is the most critical part of any ad […]


Typeface Choices: Who Gives a Font?

May 05, 2011

Choosing typefaces for your law firm website might seem like a simple process. After all, there are only ten or twelve choices in Word. However for those of us who pay attention to these details, type is an important detail that informs your reader about your style or lack thereof. With a little thought and […]


Use Color Theory to Increase Website Conversions

March 31, 2011

Selecting an appropriate website color palette is important since it increases readability, makes the navigation clearer and should include contrast that spurs emotions.  More importantly, color theory studies have shown that effectively leveraging the attention that is drawn by unique color can dramatically affect your conversion rates. Before implementing this concept into your website you […]


Stock Images for Law Firm Websites: Dos and Don’ts

March 03, 2011

Bad stock images can ruin an otherwise great website by making it look generic, while creative and customized stock images can evoke emotion and support your messaging and branding. Whenever possible the best solution for website imagery is to use custom photography to present unique visuals of your office, your employees and the geographic region. […]