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The Importance Of A Website Audit

March 11, 2016

Having a website is one thing, but creating a website that accomplishes the task of moving your business up the search engine rankings is even more essential. After all, a website that is not moving up the rankings will eventually fall below that critical top fold of the page, resulting in a marked decrease in […]


Top Trends for Law Firm Websites

February 05, 2016

Want to update and improve your firm’s website? Take a lesson from what the most successful and tech-savvy sites have in common. Here are five things designers are working on specifically for law firm websites. 1. Optimize for mobile. A key improvement to your website is making sure the user experience is as good on any mobile […]


The Lawyers’ Guide to Hacking Threats

January 21, 2016

International security authorities spent close to two years pursuing a criminal site called Darkode, where hackers could buy and sell malware meant to steal information. On the international site, which could only be accessed with a referral and a password, hackers advertised and sold their homemade software. Criminals who bought it could steal anything from Facebook follower […]


A Definitive Guide to Website Hosting

September 23, 2015

Website hosting basics are important to anyone with a website. Sure, the topic is about as thrilling as discussing dental hygiene, and the details may seem confusing when you start talking with your website designer and IT person. You need to understand what you are buying and what to watch out for, though, because bad […]


Watch Out for Huge Recurring Fees from FindLaw and Other Big-Box Law Firm Website Developers

June 24, 2014

Each year, thousands of lawyers invest in their businesses by creating websites. Some of those lawyers have a great experience. Others opt for services that, due to dishonest advertising, appear to be saving them money, but in the long run end up costing way more in fees and aggravation. Recurring Fees: Know Your Long-Term Costs […]


How to Prevent Hosting & Server Problems on Your Website

April 22, 2014

Help! My Website is Down! We’ve all been there, and it is not a good feeling: Your website goes down, and you wonder how it happened, how long it will take to get the site back up and running, and how much this is going to cost. Most of us don’t expect our sites to […]


Stretching the Life of a Law Firm Website

April 02, 2014

People who are new to building law firm websites want the process to be as simple and inexpensive as possible. While web developers want the same, they also want you to understand the life expectancy of a law firm website, and what you’ll need to do to maintain your site at peak productivity for as […]


Designers and Developers Reveal the Biggest Website Mistakes

February 17, 2014

Experts Reveal their Pet Peeves and How to Avoid Them I asked professional web designers and developers to weigh in on the mistakes that most perturb them on attorneys’ websites. Their answers are listed below along with advice on how to avoid these mistakes when creating and maintaining your own website. Hire the right person […]