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Website Technology

Your Guide to Speed Tests

Website speed is one of the most important metrics for you to track with your site. In fact, the speed with which your website loads

Website Technology

How Lazy Loading Speeds Up Your Website

The last thing you want is for a potential client’s first experience with your firm to be an aggravatingly slow loading time on your website. For this reason, it makes sense to embrace what developers often refer to as “lazy loading.”

Website Technology

What to Include in Your Privacy Policy

As an attorney, you deal with a lot of private or confidential information. Before a client begins working with you, they’re going to want to

Website Technology

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Website Audit

The website audit is one of the best processes you have to keep your site running smoothly and to ensure you’re achieving your digital marketing

Website Technology

5 Examples of Effective Website Footers

designing website layout – a sketch in a spiral notebook Website footers frequently get overlooked as a design element, but they can play an important