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My business has exploded since working with Conroy Creative Counsel. It's been amazing to tell potential clients I can do everything they're looking for.

I can't say enough about their responsiveness, creativity, and customer care. Plus I've made so much more money. I highly, highly recommend working with them !

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If you want us to hand over your client to us, and not deal with any of the details or follow up, this plan is for you.

White Label​

If you want to sell our services as a part of your business, where we are part of your team, this plan for you!

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The work of Conroy Creative Counsel is unmatched. By offering their website services I can provide the best of the best - their services plus mine. I love that I don't have to worry about anything and know that my clients are taken care of.
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Absolutely! We can coordinate a conference call where you can introduce me as part of your team, or you can simply hand the work off to us and we’ll take care of everything. It’s up to you. 

I get it. You’ve worked hard to get that client in the door. So the White Label option is probably the best one for you. This allows you to keep your relationship with us quiet, your client doesn’t need to know who you’re working with, and you’ll be the only one interacting with the client. All our emails and communication will go through you, then you pass them on to your client. We don’t even need to know their name or email – our contract and agreement will be with you. 

Our work is award-winning and we like to think we’re the best. However we are human and sometimes things happen. If we mess up, we’ll take care of fixing it right away. We can guarantee our communications will be regular and consistent. We have a team of people watching your project at every step and ensuring that we are always checking in with you.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to send over a sample contract. Depending on which option you choose above, we can contract with you or with your client. Our contract has been created by attorneys and reviewed by many (many) attorney clients, so it’s pretty good. But if you have any questions or concerns we’re happy to discuss the terms to find something that works best for everyone. 

You’ll find all of these details in our contract. However, you can get a good idea of some of these answers at our website, conroycreativecounsel.com/about where you can also browse through our portfolio of work.

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