Connect With Your Clients By Saying “Thank You”

Saying Thank You for Law Firms

There are few more powerful words in the business world than “thank you.” Businesses that show their customers gratitude are able to instill greater loyalty. It’s so simple, and yet it’s something businesses tend to do far too infrequently.

This is true in the legal world just as it is in the broader business world. Law firms that show genuine appreciation for their clients are capable of developing better relationships with them. It shows a willingness to place people above profits, and a genuine desire to do right by the people who come through your doors.

Here are just a few reasons why saying “thank you” is so important for law firms.

  • Separate from the competition: You’d be amazed at how many firms rarely, if ever, put any effort into showing their appreciation to their clients. Personalized thank you notes, gifts and other client loyalty rewards aren’t just kind measures to implement; they also create real, powerful relationships that set you apart from other firms in your practice area. People want to feel appreciated and that their attorneys care about them.
  • Establish trust: Showcasing genuine care in a client also builds greater trust in them. If you go to the effort to send thank yous, then it makes sense that you would also go to the effort to seek the best results in their case.
  • More recommendations: Clients are much more likely to write positive reviews only or recommend your services to their friends and family if they feel appreciated by you and your staff. These types of recommendations are powerful in the legal world—word of mouth advertising will always be more effective than any TV spots, billboards or digital ads. They may even take pictures of your thank you notes or gifts and share them on social media, which basically amounts to free advertising.
  • Get to know your client: Taking the time to thank your clients also gives you an opportunity to learn more about them. What do they want? What motivates them? Showing appreciation goes beyond saying “thank you,” and includes carefully listening to your client to make them feel more valued and deliver on their needs.
  • Gratitude goes both ways: When you show your gratitude and appreciation for your clients, they are more likely to do so in return. You can expect them to keep coming back to your firm for their needs, and to be more engaged in the relationship with you, which will make your case work go much easier.

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