If there is anything I can do to help support you or your firm during this time— please do let me know.

My heart goes out to all the businesses who are forced to close their doors and lose weeks (if not months) of revenue.

My business is remote by nature, and I have confidence I will be okay— so all of my efforts are going towards those who are having trouble and that I may be able to help provide solutions for— free of charge if I can.

If you need popups, alerts, and notifications having to do with your firm’s response to the Coronavirus and subsequent shutdowns, we’re happy to help.

Now more than ever people are looking things up online, and if people are not finding the latest information they have less confidence in what they see.

I would strongly suggest getting some kind of notification on your website that, at least, briefly explains your business’s personal response to how you are handling things with shutdowns and the virus.

If nothing else, this will signal to your clients, prospects, and audience that you are being proactive, taking proper precautions, and let them know how they can still access and/or benefit from your services during this time.

The scales are tipping and we’re getting to the point where people are expecting to see some kind of update from your business— and ‘nothing new’ doesn’t look like ‘business as usual’, instead, it’s giving the impression that you have gone missing.

If you need help with this, just contact me and I’ll be more than happy to jump in and help where I can. Not looking to sell you anything— just seems like a place where we could be useful to other businesses as they face uncertainty.

– Karin