Create a Compelling Facebook Page

Facebook has millions of people spending millions of hours sharing and learning so it is logical that a Facebook page for your business would be an excellent opportunity for communicating and engaging with that network.

Your friends, family, schoolmates, and other acquaintances on Facebook are often the best sources for referrals. Facebook offers a chance to explain the type of work you do, provide regular updates, and have interaction and discussion with your community. Your Facebook page can broadcast frequent, time-sensitive updates without spamming your customers’ e-mail inboxes and also elicits a direct response without the cost of printing and postage to send a mass mailing.

Most of us have had the experience of being spammed and quickly learned what not to do. Because of this many of my clients shy away from creating a page that might be annoying but miss out on an inexpensive way to consistently communicate with a network that has some of the greatest potential for engagement.

Use photos and videos in Facebook page

Photos and videos are a great way to make your page more interactive and drive customer loyalty. They bring your business and products to life, especially if […]
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