Creating A Great Contact Page

Creating A Great Contact Page

contact page

Contact pages can often be neglected, when in reality, should be a major component to your website and given as much attention as you would to your homepage. It may not seem like much, but a contact page is an important factor in the process of turning a visitor into a client. Any person looking specifically for your contact page is probably looking for a reason, so having your contact page easily accessible (rather than at the bottom of your page) allows that information to be reached faster.

We want to share how to create a great contact page on your website and some of the essentials to include.

Essentials To Include On Your Contact Page

Like any part of your website, your contact page should match the rest of your website and brand with consistency in colors, fonts, tone of voice, etc. This can help build trust and confidence in your brand with your connections to your clients and viewers.

A great contact page should include:

  • Dynamic contact forms
  • Multiple methods of contact
  • Call to action

Phone Number

A phone call is often the easiest and fastest way for clients to reach you, meaning your phone number should be the first thing to include in your contact page. Considering so many people browse the internet on their phones, you will want to include a ‘tap to call’ option that allows your visitor to call you instantly. Your phone number can be included in other places other than your contact page and regardless where placed it should always be easy to find and read.


Including where your law firm is located is important to build trust with your audience. There are often law firms that will state they are local or are vague about where they operate, and many people want to know that your law firm is real and legitimate. Including your physical address is also vital if you take any clients or visitors at your establishment.

Adding Google Maps and Directions

Providing maps can allow your clients to plan their visit and give them a clear idea of the route they will take to reach your office. This can offer extra reassurance where you are located, but also breaks up your page visually and is a nice addition to an otherwise plain page. Having additional photos or videos of your location gives your visitors an idea of what your building and the area looks like to easily identify when they make the trip to your establishment.

Contact Form

Contact forms look professional and more put together than just including an email on its own. The amount of time it takes to complete a contact form is much quicker than having to copy and paste an email address and type a message that may require more information. Contact forms are generally easy to use for your visitors, but also will help offset the flow of emails and calls on your end. With contact forms, you can shorten the amount of clicks it takes to submit an issue and save time from less back-and-forth emails.

Fields to include in your contact form:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Reason for contact

Social Media Details

If you take the time and effort to consistently post on your law firm’s social media pages, you should include it on your contact page. This allows visitors to have another option to get in touch with you, but also if they are interested in learning more about your law firm. A visitor may use social media by means of a faster point of contact, rather than sending in a form or email.

Call To Action

Include why your viewer should reach out to you and give a clear understanding of what they can expect by contacting you. You can also link to other parts of your website on your contact page for things like FAQs or your About page to answer any questions your clients have that may be answered instead of them using a contact form. Your call to action should give your viewer something to do once they have reached the end of your contact page by using links or buttons to instruct them further. 

“Contact us” is a straight-forward way to instruct your visitors to contact you, but depending on your brand, there are a few other creative ways with wording:

  • Get in Touch
  • Reach Out
  • Let’s Chat
  • Get a Hold of Us
  • Talk to Us
  • Let’s Talk

Conroy Creative Counsel To Build The Best Law Firm Website

Aesthetics are important, but converting your viewers into clients should be your main focus when designing your contact page. Reducing friction and creating easier ways to contact you will make their experience a better one from the very start, before even talking to you! Keep your contact page consistent with the design of your website and make it easy to access with less clicks in order to drive visitor traffic in the right direction. 

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we help you create your law firm website with our education, insight we have developed with years of corporate marketing, and broad experience serving the legal industry. With a deep understanding of effective marketing strategies, we pay close attention to detail and can help you reach potential clients by creating the best law firm website. Let us help build your presence online to curate the clientele you desire.

Contact us today for a competitive advantage for you to stand out from the rest.


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