Creating Content for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Creating effective and targeted content for your law firm is about more than just knowing your audience’s general pain points and concerns. You also need to consider how you can effectively communicate with people at various stages of the buyer’s cycle.

Let’s take a look at each stage of a typical buying cycle and the kinds of content that is most likely to speak to potential clients at those stages.


At this stage, your target might realize they have a problem, but may not know exactly what it is. In personal injury law, for example, a person might know they should talk to an attorney if they’ve been injured in a car accident, but they don’t necessarily know anything about finding an attorney or going forward with a personal injury claim.

Content geared toward people in the “awareness” phase should be primarily informative, with little to no “selling” of your services occurring. Blog posts are an ideal form of content here, because they provide valuable information and build your brand as a trustworthy source of legal guidance. People who take in that information will be more likely to explore your offerings further.


At this point, your target knows their problem and some potential solutions, and is evaluating how those solutions best suit their case. They want to get as much information they can about their various options.

The kinds of content that might be effective here include longer articles, expert guides, videos, podcasts and tutorials. Content that allows you to go into greater depth on the topic at hand will give you a greater ability to give your audience the information they crave.


At this point, the target is ready to go forward with using your services. They’ve analyzed all the available information and are ready to make a final choice. Here’s where your content can be more sales-oriented, including sales pages, free consultation information or case studies.

For more information about developing content specific to a target’s journey in the buying cycle, contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel.

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