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Custom Website Design for law firms - is it really necessary?

“What sets your law firm apart from any of the other thousands of law firms?”

If your website does not give a solid answer to that question, how will your potential clients be able to answer that question? Are you missing out on potential leads because you have a website that looks like hundreds of other websites? Maybe your clients can’t tell the difference between your law firm and the one down the street because you both used the same website builder or theme. Or maybe you both used the same color scheme. Are you confusing your clients before they ever even walk in your door?

Custom Website Design for Lawyers

Here are a few questions we like to ask to find out what makes your law firm different:

- Do you practice in a specific niche?
- Do you have years of experience?
- Do you have competitive rates?
- Do you have a proven track record?
- What is is that one thing that makes your law firm different than every other law firm around you?

If you were able to answer one or more of these questions, we have just one more for you….

Does your website express that to your clients?

At Conroy Creative Counsel, we offer custom law firm website designs because we know that every law firm brings a unique value to their clients. We don’t use templates or copy other websites. We never just throw a website design together. We find out what makes your law firm different and create a custom website design tailored specifically to your law firm.

Our years of experience has shown us that offering custom law firm website designs will make you stand out and look different than your competitors. This gives you an advantage in that potential clients will notice the difference and be able to recognize your law firm faster and easier. Isn’t that the whole point of your website anyway? To show your potential leads exactly what you have to offer and what makes your law firm different.

So why not get started today on your custom law firm website design and show your clients exactly what sets your law firm apart.

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