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Deeley King Pang & Van Etten


Deeley King Pang & Van Etten announces the redesign of its website, Deeley King Pang & Van Etten is a law firm focusing in administration, business, appellate, and bad faith health insurance in Hawaii.

Deeley King Pang & Van Etten


The website was built with the key goal in mind of establishing a presence that truly personified the hands-on, experienced lawyers and their unique practice areas.

The overall website design focused on structuring a modern and authoritative style that complemented the firm’s brand.


Deeley King Pang & Van Etten hired the award-winning web design experts at Conroy Consults, which is a marketing firm focused on providing custom, agency level law firm website design along with killer technology. The website incorporates the most up-to-date web design trends and technology such as WordPress CMS development, responsive design, user-friendly, automated search engine optimization (SEO), and a stunning design that inspires potential clients to take action.


Deeley King Pang & Van Etten

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