Featured on Lawfuel: 5 Ways Law Firms Can Use Design Thinking To Boost Their Profile & Service Level

Ranking high in Google shouldn’t be the only goal for a law firm. Consider using the concepts of design thinking in your goals so that your client’s experience is thoughtfully streamlined throughout each interaction with your firm. First you should define your goals so that you can ensure your website and messaging is in alignment with those goals. You should then monitor and measure your progress to ensure that there is a measurable difference after you implement the concepts of design thinking. You will find that design thinking processes will give you better results. One of your goals should be to build trust between you and your clients. As you convey your solutions on your website and address the client’s problems, that trust will start to grow. Think about what your client wants and needs and focus your messaging on your client, not the firm. As you think about your client’s needs, this can change how you describe your different services and processes. This is where design thinking is more involved in your law practice as you make it more client centered. Click here to read more!
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