Donahue, Goldberg & Weaver, LLP


  • Their goal was to establish a professional, branded web presence.
  • The main purpose of their website is to give them a polished atmosphere online that would distinguish them as an experienced, personable, and reputable firm.


We kicked off the project with research into the competitive landscape, combined with an understanding of the Unique Value Proposition that the firm offers its clients. TWe approached the design of the website to accomplish the branded, professional look in line with the firm’s approach.

The website was built with the key goal in mind of establishing a presence that truly personified the hands-on, experienced lawyers and their unique practice areas

The overall website design focused on structuring a modern and authoritative style that complemented the firm’s brand.


Donahue, Goldberg, & Weaver, LLP announces the redesign of its website, Donahue Goldberg is a law firm that focuses their practice on constitutional, environmental and civil rights litigation in Washington DC.

Donahue, Goldberg, & Weaver, LLP hired the award-winning web design experts at Conroy Creative Counsel which is a marketing firm focused on providing custom, agency level law firm website design along with killer technology. The website incorporates the most up-to-date web design trends and technology such as WordPress CMS development, responsive design, user-friendly, automated search engine optimization (SEO), and a stunning design that inspires potential clients to take action.

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madia law

Madia Law

Madia Law, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a firm focused on trial law. It was important to refine the messaging for the firm to ensure that the core competency of taking cases to trial (and winning) is conveyed to potential clients.

While the firm has a solid SEO strategy that helps the website rank well on Google, we wanted to ensure peak performance of the site. We addressed any issues with load times, broken links, and outdated pages or posts to improve the overall ranking and results for the firm’s SEO strategy.

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