Email Benchmarks: Keeping Up with The Joneses

Understanding the benchmarks for email performance is something most people leave to whatever their neighbor told them. However, knowing what the standards are for your particular industry can be helpful in keeping a realistic expectation, or knowing when something has gone wrong.

My favorite email service provider, Mailchimp, provides a number of helpful resources and research on these benchmarks to help you compare your results with what is happening with your competition. The data that Mailchimp has collected is not only fascinating but really valuable, because 70% of their customers are small businesses with one to ten employees, and the data can be further narrowed by industry. So you are not comparing the results of large corporations who have been able to send tens of thousands of emails and cross test every word and image.

Click rates for the legal industry

The report on benchmarks indicates that within the Legal industry, the average open rate is
Email Benchmarks: Keeping Up with The Joneses is a post from the law firm marketing blog,

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madia law

Madia Law

Madia Law, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a firm focused on trial law. It was important to refine the messaging for the firm to ensure that the core competency of taking cases to trial (and winning) is conveyed to potential clients.

While the firm has a solid SEO strategy that helps the website rank well on Google, we wanted to ensure peak performance of the site. We addressed any issues with load times, broken links, and outdated pages or posts to improve the overall ranking and results for the firm’s SEO strategy.

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Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast
Female Founders

Featured on Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast

“One of the things that a lot of people are missing or not quite getting right is the positioning and messaging and how to really be strategic with their content. So making sure that they’re speaking to their clients and making sure that it’s really client-centric, instead of where it was in the beginning with those brochure sites where it was very, more egocentric for the firm and it was much more about let us tell you about where we all went to law school and how many cases we’ve solved.”

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