Featured on Attorney at Law: 4 Revolutionary Female Lawyers Who Boldly Break Down Tradition

According to the American Bar Association, women make up 45% of associates in private law practice but only 20% of partners are revolutionary female lawyers. The motherhood tax is real, and it’s having a dramatic impact on careers, law offices, and outcomes. One major contributing factor in this statistic is the billable hours law firm business model. An efficient attorney makes a billable hours firm less money than an attorney who takes hours to complete the same task. The irony here is who can you think of more efficient and productive than a working mother? But their efficiency is considered a liability if it doesn’t stack up the firm’s monthly billable hours. Revolutionary Female lawyers everywhere have struggled to juggle motherhood and their careers. In an industry where a mild workweek is 60 hours long, this is no easy feat. Traditional ideas about how many hours of face time you’re supposed to put in at the law office die hard, so some dedicated law professionals and mothers have decided to take matters into their own hands. Meet 4 revolutionary female lawyers blazing their own trails through the law office and motherhood. Click here to read more:

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