How Great Copywriting Benefits Your Firm

How Great Copywriting Benefits Your Firm

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The best law firm websites use great copy to convey their message in a way that creates connection and shows their clients that they understand their needs and can help them.

Law firms of every size utilize copywriting to create a picture of what they do for their clients daily, their knowledge, experience, and expertise, and why clients choose them for legal representation. But let’s face it, there is a significant difference between good copy and great copy.

Great copy ensures that the best law firm websites have high-quality, relatable content articulated effectively, easily, and artfully. If you want great copy that sells, it needs to stick in the readers’ minds and naturally prompt them to take action. We will tell you how to make the best of great copy for your law firm to help you get the results you desire.

Great Copy For Your Law Firm’s Website

The copy on your website gives your marketing a soul and ultimately defines your law firm’s voice, tone, emotion, or mood you show to your online readers. When creating excellent copy, several vital factors help to make it effective and engaging.

1. Great Copy Quickly Relates What You Do For Your Clients 

Anytime potential clients visit your law firm’s website, you want them to clearly and easily understand what services your law firm offers. Your readers may not even realize that they need an attorney yet. However, when you have great copy on your website, your readers can quickly identify what you do, and then it is easier for them to determine if your service is a good fit for their situation. Great copy must explain things simply and understandably, so potential clients will know precisely how you can help them and feel confident in your professional abilities.

2. Great Copy Is Engaging

You will only have a few seconds to capture the attention of potential clients visiting your law firm’s website, and since most people have a short attention span, it is crucial to engage with them quickly. Great copy will easily keep your readers engaged, so they stay on your website, reading and learning more about your law firm and its services. Generally, the longer people stay on your website, the more likely they will hire your law firm.

3. Great Copy Brings Your Law Firm’s Website To Life

Rather than coming across as a dull, unrelatable law firm, you want vibrant and exciting copy that humanizes you and your firm. Copy that sells helps your readers relate to you and feel connected to your firm through your copy. When clients feel closer to you, it creates a powerful sense of connection and trust, increasing the likelihood that they will hire your firm.

4. Great Copy Is Persuasive

When someone visits your website, you intend to convert your readers into clients. Great copy is influential and contains a clear, persuasive call for your visitors to take action. Your call to action (CTA) can ask your readers to contact your law firm for a consultation, send an inquiry, subscribe to an email newsletter or blog, or hire your firm for representation.

Powerful, persuasive copy makes a significant difference between your firm’s website being okay or being the best law firm website and doing exceptional.

5. Great Copy Builds Trust.

Your goal is to establish solid rapport and build the best relationship with your clients. You can use great copy to nurture, grow and maintain client relationships. Sharing stories and thought points and offering valuable content is an excellent way of building and nurturing client relationships. An example would be if you shared a tip or an action that your reader could do today to improve their life or situation; they would feel connected to you because you could help them. Connection is key! 

6. Strengthen Your SEO

When potential clients are searching for a law firm or information regarding personal situations, the first few websites that show up in Google and stand out in search results utilizing SEO. Great copy uses SEO to help your website show up on the front lines of Google searches and helps to attract new clients to your law firm. Legal copywriters understand how crucial SEO phrases are to creating a successful marketing strategy. The best law firm websites appear higher on the page by optimizing SEO which is why savvy law firms leverage the expertise of a marketing co-counsel.


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