How Solving a Client’s Problem Leads to Them Hiring Me

One of the things I’m most proud about with the work we do with Conroy Creative Counsel is help attorneys who are starting new journeys in their professional lives get started with everything—building a brand, establishing a web presence and just making them feel comfortable with the first stages in their journey.

Our ability to solve clients’ problems and help them achieve their goals has created a sense of trust in our services, and we do not take that for granted.

Turning trust into results

I frequently get inquiries from lawyers who are considering leaving their firm and starting a firm on their own.

Many times, these attorneys do not have any experience in running a business. This means they often do not have any idea about the costs involved, and are confused about where and how to get started.

When we begin working with each other, I walk them through the process of starting a new firm from step one. This includes everything from getting a name, email address, logo and business cards all the way through to developing a detailed strategy to ensure they have clear positioning and a path forward for marketing success.

This can be an overwhelming process for attorneys to take in because they get a crash course in website and digital terminology. But I’m able to make the m more comfortable by explaining the key elements to a well-rounded marketing strategy to ensure long-term growth and success.

How Solving a Client’s Problem Leads to Them Hiring Me

I often have these conversations and don’t send a proposal—just provide information and advice. This frequently results in the creation of loyal followers who might turn into a client or referral later down the road.

This shows how helping people to solve their problems and positioning yourself as a helpful and trustworthy figure can lead to them wanting to work with you. The same is true for law firms—if you show you are capable of solving their problems and that you can be a trustworthy source of information, they’ll be much more likely to turn into clients down the road, even if they don’t need to work with you immediately.

For more tips about how you can become a helpful resource for your clients (and potential clients) and earn their long-term trust, contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel.

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