How to Create a Content Calendar

How to Create a Content Calendar

Sometimes it can be more difficult to plan out your content than to actually create it. This is where the content calendar comes in.

Creating a calendar to plan out the writing and publication of your content might sound like a cumbersome task, but performing it will save you a significant amount of time in the long run. Once you have such a calendar in place, you will find it’s easy to maintain and will help you stay organized, keeping your firm on top of its content creation.

But how do you create a content calendar? Here are some tips to follow so you can start planning your content today.

  • Set your goals: What are you trying to achieve with your content? Spend some time fleshing out the goals you wish to achieve so you know what type of content to create and the frequency with which you will create it.
  • Formats and topics: What kind of content will you be sharing? You may create a calendar that includes any or all of the following: blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, videos and infographics. You can also schedule the types of topics you will cover in those pieces of content to stay even more organized.
  • Timeline: How often do you want to post content, and when will you do so? You might go with weekly, monthly or quarterly content pieces, and the frequency may vary based on the type of content. Social media, for example, will include more frequent posts than blogging or video.
  • Create a template: Set up a template for your content calendar that is easily repeatable over months and years. Make sure the content calendar is easily accessible by all parties who need access. You should use some sort of cloud-based software, such as Google Sheets or Google Docs, which will allow all parties involved to make edits as necessary.
  • Keep it updated: Once you have your template established, fill in all the content you wish to publish and regularly update the calendar. You can archive content as it’s created, and can constantly add new topics and assign action items to others.
  • Review regularly: At regular intervals, review the content calendar to see which types of content did well and which did not, and see if you can find any patterns related to this. This will allow you to better plan content in the future.

Need help getting your content calendar in order? Contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel and we’ll get your firm’s content planned out!


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