How to Create a FAQ Video Your Clients Will Watch

How to Create a FAQ Video Your Clients Will Watch

As a lawyer, you already know that your clients will have questions. Answering the same inquiries day in and day out is part of the job, but there’s a way to cut down on the most common ones—while making a personal connection with potential clients at the same time. Creating a FAQ video allows you to position yourself as a trusted resource.

You don’t need to be a professional videographer to create a FAQ video. As long as your video and sound are clear, and you follow the tips below, you can allow potential clients to “get to know you” before they even request a consultation. Videos are often more engaging than pages of text, and you don’t need sophisticated filming equipment. Most cell phones and tablets are capable of creating great video.

Here’s how to answer FAQs and entice new clients at the same time:

  • Decide which questions to include: No matter which type of law you practice, each specialty has commonly asked questions. Estate planning clients want to know how to avoid probate, while intellectual property clients want to know whether they can protect their restaurant’s secret recipe. Make a list of the FAQs you want to include, along with the answers. 
  • Write a script: Next, write a script. The tone should match your branding: if you cater to traditional, conservative clients, use language that reflects the gravity of the subject. If your firm works with modern industries, such as technology, change the terminology to suit your most likely client. Plan the answers to every question—then practice saying them out loud. This will ensure that your language is natural and you won’t stumble over your words. Make edits as necessary.
  • Practice: Before you film, practice the script. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) read the script word-for-word on camera. Remember, you’re the expert—you already know the answers to these questions. If you’re afraid of sounding too mechanical, use bullet points as a reminder. This forces you to answer naturally.
  • Find the right filming location: Next, choose a quiet, well-lit filming location with a simple background, like a plain wall. Your office or a conference room might be a good choice, as long as no background noise will interfere.
  • Record the video: Don’t be alarmed if you need several takes to get it right. You’ll be able to edit clips and splice them together after you’re done filming. 
  • Edit your clips: There are many free video editing software programs and apps available. Simply choose the best clips from your recording session, and organize them in the most sensible manner.
  • Share on your website: Finally, upload your clips and share them to your website. YouTube and Vimeo are popular video hosting sites, and may help increase your organic traffic. Consider including a text transcript on your website.

FAQ videos are a great way to engage potential clients, answer their most pressing questions and encourage them to reach out for a consultation. Not only will you position yourself as an authority, but they’ll get a sense of your personality and style. 

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