How to Create Happiness Touchpoints for Your Clients

How to Create Happiness Touchpoints for Your Clients

As a lawyer, you likely deal with some of the most stressful moments of your clients’ lives. Lawyers are similar to doctors in that regard: few clients look forward to needing legal services. Despite that, there are ways to make sure that your client experience is positive.

From law firms to restaurants, clients and customers always remember how something made them feel. That’s why so many tried-and-true marketing techniques work. A customer will always remember a business or law firm when they have a great experience. 

Creating a pleasant experience for legal clients can be a challenge, depending on their circumstances and the legal services they require. However, there are things you can do to optimize their experience. Here’s a quick overview of client touchpoints, and how to make them work for you.

What are client touchpoints?

Client touchpoints are the significant interactions with your business. For law firms, that usually starts with website visits and an initial consultation. 

Every firm is different: a criminal defense attorney’s client touchpoints may include arraignment, preparing for the preliminary hearing and filing motions. Personal injury attorneys may include depositions, meetings with expert witnesses and other crucial moments in the case.

In short, if your client is interacting with your firm, you want to make it a good experience. You know how to do that in your practice—but do you know how to do so with your online presence?

Here are some quick tips to improve your client touchpoints:

  • Visiting your website: When potential clients visit your website, they’re more likely to reach out when they have an instantly positive experience. Make sure the content is engaging and the navigation is intuitive. Include clear CTAs to encourage communication and engagement.
  • Reading blog posts: Posting regular content on your blog is one of the best ways to keep potential clients coming back for more. It solidifies your position as a trusted authority, and helps potential clients understand your methodology. Plus, it boosts your SEO. Search engines love new content, and will index each new addition.
  • Checking your social media: Social media is here to stay. Clients now expect that law firms will keep up to date with social media, whether that’s posting new updates or answering direct inquiries and comments. Who is responsible for responding to social media inquiries—and what kind of messaging would you like to send?
  • Consider an email newsletter: Email newsletters allow former, current and potential clients to keep up to date with your firm’s latest triumphs, accolades and more. It’s also a great way to get certain clients to reach out. For example, estate planning firms may encourage clients to review their estate plans during wedding season, when may new sons and daughters-in-law may be joining the family.
  • Contacting your office staff: Customer service counts, too. You should periodically review best practices with your administrative staff, so everyone is on the same page.
  • Follow-up communication: Finally, don’t forget that client happiness touchpoints continue even after your business is concluded. Invoices, soliciting feedback and reminders about future legal needs are all opportunities to remind your clients why they love to work with you.

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