How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Welcome Emails

How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Welcome Emails


Welcome emails are an important early step in building a relationship between you and your clients (or potential clients). Brand new subscribers to your email will receive these emails and better understand what they can expect out of the experience of working with you.

Today we’re going to take a look at why welcome emails are so pivotal to clients’ early experiences with your brand, and what your firm can do to enhance the quality of these welcome emails.

  • Introduce the brand: One important element of welcome emails is that they serve as an introduction to your brand. Any intro email should therefore be effective at achieving this goal. People reading the first email from your firm should immediately have a sense of your firm’s capabilities and personality from the tone of the language used and the designs and branding images you insert.
  • Make a good first impression: You only get one chance to make a first impression, and a welcome email with a powerful introduction paragraph is a good vehicle for doing so. Any introductory email you send should be impactful and highlight key characteristics of your firm. It should make clients (or potential clients) feel like they’ve chosen the right firm to help them with their legal needs.
  • Set expectations: The introductory email you send can also set expectations that your new client or email subscriber should have for your firm and set the stage for everything that is to come.
  • Deliver value: Welcome emails should deliver instant value to whoever is reading them. What exactly that value is may vary depending on the firm. Some examples could include providing login information to a website portal, introducing the team that will work on a client’s case, providing important legal resources relevant to the client’s case or even just setting expectations as described above. When a welcome email delivers value, readers will be more likely to open future emails as they will expect them to contain valuable information or items as well.
  • Reinforce benefits: A welcome email is a perfect chance to reinforce the benefits of the services your firm offers. The language of the email should address the problems or pain points new clients might experience, and position your firm as being capable of resolving those problems.

The welcome email is an important part of content marketing and an early opportunity to build a strong connection to new and potential clients. Contact us at Conroy Creative Counsel for more information about working emails into your content marketing plan.


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