Law Firm Blog Content

An excellent way to attract new clients is by adding high-quality, relevant law firm blog content to your site on a consistent basis. This will help establish your law firm as a thought leader in your field by offering helpful information that answers many of your potential clients’ questions.
The success of your law firm blog content comes down to sound planning. Simply posting items here and there, without a clear vision of the overall impact, is not the best approach. Instead, create a plan and refer to it as you create your law firm blog content throughout the year.

What should your law firm blog content be all about?

Before getting to the scheduling of it, it’s important to nail down the focus of your blog.
It’s crucial to convey that your firm possesses strong background in a particular area of the law. If your firm focuses on estate planning, for example, brainstorm all of the issues your readers may need to address or have questions about when planning for their futures.
Create a list of commonly asked questions and have your various blog posts answer those questions.
Incorporating keywords into your blog content is also important. If you are a personal injury attorney in Dallas, Texas, for example, you might pepper in keywords like “Dallas personal injury attorney” or “personal injury lawyer in Dallas” into your content. However, be sure not to overuse these keywords, as doing so can impact readability and actually get you penalized from Google and the other search engines.
Above all else, try to craft natural, informative content geared toward your target audience.

How to schedule your law firm blog content

Once you’ve determined the subjects you plan on covering, it’s time to plot out when you plan on posting. The further in advance you can schedule, the better. Planning out at least a month in advance will ensure that you have plenty of lead time to edit the content, add attractive visuals and maintain a coherent flow between topics.
Fortunately, there are several helpful tools out there to keep you on track. For example, here’s an editorial calendar template brought to you by Jenny Blake. It’s a full-year schedule with slots for the author’s name, article title and other information to include as you see fit.
Another pro tip is to upload your blog content several days beforehand and schedule it to auto-post. This will help you avoid having to throw something together at the last minute.
Getting started with your law firm blog content creation isn’t always easy, especially when you are juggling so many other matters at your practice. But when done right, it will start to generate web traffic to your site and ultimately bring in more new clients to your firm.

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