Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Logo

Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Logo

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There is a good reason why some law firms dedicate significant amounts of time and money to developing a professional logo. Logos remind customers of your best attributes, and contribute to the growth of your firm through branding, recognition, and consistency of visual messages. Keep in mind that a logo does not equal a brand, but it does help build value in your brand. On the value of branding, Forbes says:

Branding is fundamental. Branding is basic. Branding is essential. Building brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations.

What Make a Logo Great?

A great logo reflects your firm’s brand and sends a message about the quality of your work. Logos need to be simple enough to be memorable and also be professional. Your logo should immediately bring to mind the idea of your firm, its personality and function. A logo that fosters this sort of brand awareness is invaluable marketing for any law firm.


Think of a logo as a one-second commercial that plays every time something from your business appears. You want certain associations to be broadcast effectively and efficiently so that potential customers know exactly what your business does well. Another reason for simplicity is to make it easier for your logo to translate your message whether it appears big or small, in print or online. Your logo needs to be recognizable under a multitude of different circumstances.


A well-made logo shows that your business can be trusted. How can a logo show that? A professionally created logo implies that you bring integrity and excellence to everything you do, and the result is greater customer confidence in your ability to do your job well.

Give your company’s public perception a boost by making sure your logo sends a message about the high-caliber of lawyers you employ. This approach will earn you customers, but it will also improve your business in an unexpected way. A great logo can also help you attract the best employees, those who want to align themselves leading companies. Lawyers will want to be associated with your brand if you make your brand synonymous with quality work.

A great logo is one that customers are proud to share and align themselves with. The right logo will be shared on websites and social media. Employees are also more often to share a logo when they are proud to be associated with the company it represents.

Can A Logo Increase Your Bottom Line?

A good logo that reflects a great brand will make your business much more valuable to investors. A good logo is a sign of a profitable company that can afford to invest in its own growth. In essence, a well-designed logo can get you the best employees, the most influential investors, and the most lucrative clients.

A business with recognizable and popular branding is much more valuable than a business that doesn’t invest in marketing practices like logo design–even if both businesses are doing the same quality of work. Success isn’t simply a matter of doing business well. It’s also about communicating to customers a commitment to consistent quality and professionalism, and logos are the most efficient way to do just that.


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