Law Firm Promotion

Promotion is one of the infamous “4 Ps” of marketing (product, price, promotion, place) that is often confused for the only function of marketing. Within a firm’s “Promotion Mix” there are five methods to consider, only one of which is advertising. A promotion strategy should include a combination of the five methods to maximize the benefits of each of the strategies.


Benefits: Advertising reaches a large audience and builds awareness for a relatively smaller cost per person. If your goal is to broadcast a message to a wide group of less targeted recipients, this is the best promotion method. It typically involves mass communication via newspapers, magazines, banner ads, etc.
Limitations: There is less control of who receives the message in this method, and measuring the outcomes can be more difficult. Also, the message is considered less personal because it is paid for by a sponsor.
Strategies for law firms: If your firm is new use advertising [..]
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