Why Logo and Website Redesigns Should Happen At the Same Time

Your logo and your website design should always flow together as visual representations of your brand identity. Therefore, if you plan to redesign one, it only makes sense that you redesign the other at the same time. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to perform these website redesigns with your business logo simultaneously.

Why Logo and Website Redesigns Should Happen At the Same Time

It saves time and effort.

Any time you perform a visual redesign of a website, logo or marketing materials, you need to hold a lot of brainstorming sessions and meetings to make sure the whole team is on the same page. Redesigning your website and logo simultaneously dramatically reduces the number of meetings you need to have and makes the whole process much easier for everyone involved.

It creates better communication and efficiency.

During your redesign process, it is extremely important to have outstanding communication with your design team. Redesigning your website and logo at the same time allows you to communicate key points that affect all of your designs. This allows for more consistency in each design element and fewer errors you need to worry about. It is simply a more convenient process for both the designer and you as the designer’s client.

It helps you build a professional appearance.

If you have an outdated logo on an updated website (or vice versa), you run the risk of looking unprofessional or delivering inconsistent branding messages. The logo and web design have such a symbiotic relationship that it is important you always ensure both use similar design elements and themes. Details like the colors you use for the logo and website should always influence each other and be complementary rather than conflicting. A logo and design that flow together will ultimately amplify the strength of your brand identity.

It allows you to market a new branding initiative.

When overhauling all of your design elements at once, you can make a branding event out of it. You can announce the rollout of your new designs ahead of time to generate excitement and attention. For maximum effectiveness, you can do this at the same time as introducing new legal services, employees or office locations.

It costs less.

Last but not least, redesigning your website and logo at the same time will save you money. Typically designers will offer package deals rather than forcing you to pay full price for each as a separate service. Therefore, it just makes financial sense to get it all done at once.

For more information about how logo and website redesigns are beneficial, contact our team today at Conroy Creative Counsel and we will be pleased to answer any questions you have.

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