Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well

When seeking to improve performance, results or overall satisfaction in themselves, their business or their employees , too many follow conventional wisdom and focus on fixing weaknesses. Find what’s wrong and try to correct it. Unfortunately, that “wisdom” leaves them struggling on the path to mediocrity. Three sources that I have been reading lately converge on methods to surpass the mediocre, whether it is within your small business or within the confies of a large, bureaucratic organization. Find your motivation and productivity solution, find your strength, then develop your niche.

Daniel Pink, The Science of Motivation and Productivity Solution

I have been following Daniel Pink (a lawyer and formerly Al Gore’s speechwriter) since I watched his TED video where he examines the science of motivation in relation to the business world. His recent book
Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well is a post from the law practice blog: Lawyerist

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