Our Favorite Reads of 2021

Our Favorite Reads of 2021

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It feels impossible that we’ve already reached the end of the year, but here we are—December has almost come to a close, and we’re looking ahead to a new year.

On our podcast, Counsel Cast, we like to ask our guests for book recommendations. We build up a list of these recommendations all year long. Here are the books that were mentioned this year:

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

Recommended by Scott Pruim, this book is a recollection by the author (a journalist and mountaineer) about a storm atop Mount Everest that killed five people and left many others in guilt and disarray.

Brag Better by Meredith Fineman

Recommended by Wendee Lee Curtis, this book provides helpful tips to “master the art of fearless self-promotion” to help readers “brag better.”

Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker

Recommended by Pete Everitt, this book touts itself as “the definitive guide to becoming the go-to leader in your industry and building a future-proof business.” The term “youpreneur” is used to describe a personal brand entrepreneur.

John Fisher and Thomas More by Robert J. Conrad Jr.

Recommended by Jake Minick, this book is a look at the lives of Fisher and More, their struggles and their continued influence into the modern day.

The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

Recommended by Sarah Moon, this book provides “a simple strategy to grow a remarkable business in any field.” In a world where small businesses fail at alarming rates, this book aims to provide strategies to help business owners grow and succeed.

You Are the Brand by Mike Kim

Recommended by Steve Fretzin, this book is an “eight-step blueprint to showcase your unique expertise and build a highly profitable, personally fulfilling business.”

Recapture the Rapture by Jamie Wheal

Recommended by Ali Katz, this book features ruminations on “God, sex and death in a world that’s lost its mind.” Wheal introduces the field of Hedonic Engineering that combines neuroscience and optimal psychology.

God is Me by Gregoria Kritsotelis

Recommended by Shermin Lakha, this book is a collection of notes and reflections on unlocking the power that lives within each of us.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Recommended by Rob Eyler, this bestseller provides advice for “daring greatly and rising strong at work.” Leadership doesn’t have to involve titles or power—it’s about action, and this book delves into that concept.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Recommended by Michelle Hunter, this book features the author discussing her creative process to help others find methods of “creative living beyond fear.”

What have you been reading lately? We’re always looking for new recommendations – get in touch and let us know!


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