Your Brand in Photos. We combine creative direction and photographic expertise to give you engaging headshots and brand photos that align with your goals.


High-quality images make a big difference in the appearance of a website. Rather than relying on stock photos, which can hamper the perception of your site and your firm, you can use our photography services to get custom headshots and photos of your firm in action.

Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for our clients. Create a production plan, then participate in a shoot designed to be as efficient as possible. You’ll get professional photos with minimal disruption to your everyday work.

Custom services can include sourcing and coordinating a local photographer, scheduling on-sight photography, headshots, office photos, to ensure the visuals align with the brand and message. Visual Brief to be delivered to photographer, including list of required shots, image specs, firm positioning and messaging, and styling information (colors, tone, etc.).

Photos that showcase your best attributes

Use our photography services to get photos of a variety of subjects, including:


Get professional headshots and group photos of everyone on your staff to include in your website bios and to showcase the people behind your services.


Get photos of your firm’s offices and the spaces where you do your work.


Get action shots of your staff doing what you do best--serving your clients and resolving legal issues.


Set the marketing and awareness goals you have for your brand so you have specific metrics you can use to determine the effectiveness of your brand strategy.

Boost your brand’s image and reputation with professional-quality photography.