Post-Pandemic SEO and Content Strategy

Post-Pandemic SEO and Content Strategy

SEO and content strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has likely forever altered many of the ways businesses of all types will operate. At present, law firms have more challenges than just ensuring potential clients that they will get excellent, professional service; law firms also must assuage any logistical fears of potential clients related to the pandemic.

A unique approach for search engine optimization (SEO) is one that considers your content as the driver of your SEO results. Therefore, you need to adjust your content to convey messages of availability and safety. A post-pandemic world will see people choosing businesses (including law firms) to work with based on how they’ve adjusted their operations for client safety. This means you must project an image of trustworthiness and calmness to relax potential clients and ensure them that you are prepared not only to take on their case, but also to keep them safe when working with you.

Your website will play a significant role in accomplishing this, both in terms of its design, SEO and content strategy.

Website Design and SEO Influences Client Feelings Toward Your Brand

The design of your website is what creates the first impression of your brand with potential clients. A strong, positive first impression can be a truly powerful thing, and a negative first impression even more so. You only have a short window of time to make a positive impact when someone lands on your website. If the site appears to be outdated, or if it is difficult to navigate, your targets will be deterred from staying on the page.

In a post-pandemic world, it is important to have a design that exudes professionalism and caring service. You should strategically choose images and color schemes that provide a more calming feeling. Any COVID-19-related messaging you have in place to calm the fears of potential clients should be featured prominently on the layout of the site so they know you take virus exposure seriously and can read about the practices you have in place to keep them safe.

It’s also important to pay attention to SEO and content strategy. Today’s SEO is more than just smartly choosing keywords and location tags—it’s also about developing high-quality content that is of interest to your clients. Think of it this way: SEO both attracts targets to your website with keywords and location and also keeps them there with high-quality content. You need to consider both what your client is most likely to search for and what is most likely to convince them to read your content and become a client.

Ultimately, a professionally designed site builds trust with your audience and keeps them on your site longer, which is when high-quality written content becomes important.

Written Content Is Key for Turning Leads into Clients

If the design of your website is what will attract your audience and encourage them to stay on your site, your written content is what will inform and impress them to the point where they feel comfortable becoming your client.

In the age of COVID-19, strong written copy goes beyond providing useful information about the services you offer and information about your firm’s background and experience. It is more important than ever to develop a brand character and to connect with the emotions your audience is feeling.

People looking for legal assistance right now are dealing not only with the stress associated with their case, but also the anxiety of seeking out legal representation during a global pandemic. Your content needs to speak to how your firm is prepared to tackle both these issues: the experience you have in their practice area, as well as the specific steps you’ve taken to ensure you can provide your services safely.

Have you considered the ways you can tweak your website design, SEO and content strategy to account for people’s COVID-related concerns?

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