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“no surprises” proven process

Your website is the foundation for your online marketing efforts–and it needs to have an attractive, responsive design that allows
visitors to quickly and easily navigate your pages and find out how your firm can help them.

At Conroy Consults, we focus on delivering a high-quality website to your firm as quickly and seamlessly as possible. In most cases, we can
complete a website in six to eight weeks. Here’s how the process works:

Project Brief

Project Brief

As a first step, we use our Project Brief to determine your firm’s background, your goals, your target clients and any vision you might have for the look and feel of your new website.

Based on this we establish a plan of action for your site. This document will guide the project as we move forward.

Project Brief

Discovery & Design

Next, our team creates an initial design and gets your approval before moving on to your actual website.

We create a design based on your firm’s unique style and the way you wish to present yourself to your potential clients.

Project Brief

Domain & Hosting

If you need to secure a brand-new domain name, we help you find one that represents your firm well.

We then set up your hosting account and ensure it is completely compatible with WordPress–including all of the necessary plugins and databases.

Project Brief

Developing Your Site

Once the design is completed and we’ve established the host, we build out the coding and various other back-end components of your new website. Our project developers are experts in HTML/CSS, .NET, PHP, jQuery and other development tools, and they build your site in WordPress.

Project Brief

Testing & Launch

At this point, we place a hold on your website for several days so that we can go in and double-check all of its components, while making sure that it works well for all different types of web browsers. We also set up Google Analytics and do a final round of testing before going live.

Project Brief

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Your website may now be live, but the work doesn’t stop there! We know that you have better things to do than worry about the technical aspects of your site, which is why we can maintain your site on a regular basis. We’re also available for emergency fixes, as needed.