Conversion of current website to WordPress + Ongoing SEO plan (2 Pathways)


  • Website Conversion Assess current website platform, move website and all content to WordPress content management system.
    *Hourly work, estimate of work = 3-5 hours (One time cost of $825)
  • Our SEO plans aims to help your website rank higher where it will be seen by more people, and your chances of gaining new traffic are exponentially increased. The amount of SEO that a site needs will vary greatly between firms, due to factors such as the level of competition, the location, the industry, and the overall quality of the website.Month 1: Onboarding process that includes Technical Audit, Security Audit, Optimization Audit. Review of Audit results and fix all necessary issues.

    Month 2 onwards:
    – These two pathways:
    Path 1: Content Creation — Each month our team will produce up to 2500 words of content for your site. This content can be broken into as many long or short form posts as you prefer.
    Path 2: On-Page SEO — Each month this covers a variety of things such as copy optimization, website hierarchy, conversion rate optimization, meta tag, schema tag, health monitoring, keyword research, and other appropriate on-page tasks.
    (Monthly cost of $1050)

$1,050.00 / month and a $825.00 sign-up fee