5 Easy Ways to Create and Cultivate Quality Email Lists

5 Easy Ways to Create and Cultivate Quality Email Lists

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Email blasts and digital newsletters are among the few means of direct communication you have with your clients. Your message is delivered straight to their inbox, where it gets a better-than-average opportunity to make its appeal. Capitalizing on this opportunity is imperative, each time you send an email. The more subscribers you have, the more chance your message will resonate. But, one of your first questions before getting started is probably this: where do I even begin creating quality email lists?
Let’s look at these strategies from two different perspective. You’re either somebody who hasn’t started a list at all, or you have a list but you don’t know how to grow it and achieve the engagement results that you want. If your subscriber list is stagnant, your open rate is down or your emails are not getting the call-to-action responses they should be, it’s time to shake things up. Here are a few clever ways to boost engagement and grow your subscribers in order to create more quality email lists:

Send the right message.

Keep subscribers engaged by delivering content that’s interesting and relevant. Tackle current events, teach them something interesting or send them something heartwarming. Messages that have greater appeal tend to feature positive content. Send an email that’s worthy of passing on and you could just see a few more subscribers join your list.

Promote a contest or giveaway.

Nothing reels in subscribers like the chance to receive something FREE. Whether it’s a pair of tickets to a local sporting event or the chance to meet and greet with a local celebrity, rewarding people for their attention is a great way to grow your email list. Holding regular giveaways and contests will keep eyes on your email messages, as well.

Segment and qualify lists.

To ensure you are sending quality emails to the right audience, it’s worth segmenting your email lists. This gives people a chance to opt-in for messages they’re interested in and opt-out of ones they are not. You’ll keep subscribers happy and be able to generate more targeted content.

Information exchange for emails.

Lead generation represents a great way to score subscribers of a high quality. These people believe you have something important to say and are willing to give you their email to get a taste of it. Offer a short e-book, free consultation or some other deliverable to engage a new subscriber. Lead generation offers also promote value, giving credence to your firm or personal brand.

Integrate your marketing.

Be sure to integrate email content into your other marketing efforts to help showcase its value to potential subscribers. For example, mention a recent email in your next blog post or complement a YouTube video with an email message. Intertwining your content marketing efforts will encourage subscribers, lest they miss an important piece of information contained in an email.
Additional ways to generate email signups may include hosting webinars, advertising access to gated content through email and co-marketing with applicable partners.
It’s important to keep in mind that each new email subscriber gained is a new opportunity to grow and maintain your relevance. Make sure you are creative in getting them to sign up and mindful of reminding them of the benefit each time you send an email.

Setting aside time and putting in an effort to create quality email lists is no easy feat. Some strategies will work better than others, meaning that it’s a process of trial and error. However, the overall effort you put into your email lists WILL pay off. When somebody subscribes to your list, you are being welcomed into their personal inbox. In the virtual world, that’s like being invited into their home, so make it count!


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