5 Practical Resources to Create Powerful Law Firm Websites

As you begin the process of designing (or redesigning) your law firm’s website, it can help to look around the web to find inspiration or helpful resources. Over the years, we have come across a few particularly effective design resources that focus on either design overall or specific elements of design, such as photography, layouts, colors and original logos. The following are just a few of the resources for law firm websites that could help you determine the type of design you might want for your new site:

5 Practical Resources to Create Powerful Law Firm Websites


Awwwards is an outstanding collection of uniquely designed websites, split into many different categories. These unique sites get nominated and voted for awards in different categories, including Website of the Day, Website of the Month, Trending Sites, Winner’s List and Honorable Mentions.
Browse through some of these unique, inspiring websites using these categories or by certain tags, such as video, colors, fonts and development platform. Even the websites found on Awwwards that are not related to law or even corporate businesses may offer design ideas you can use on your own digital platform.


This resource for law firm websites may not seem like the best fit, but it’s actually a powerful tool for growing your site traffic! Pinterest has become the go-to source for all types of creative projects, including interior decorating, woodworking, gardening, cooking and web design. Searching Pinterest for unique web design elements helps you find excellent ideas for infographics, logos, fonts, photography, web design and plenty of other graphics and design elements. You can then conveniently save all those ideas on your “boards” so you can quickly come back to them when needed.

CSS Design Awards

Like Awwwards, the CSS Design Awards provides users with a convenient collection of unique, high-quality websites that deliver plenty of web design inspiration. Some of the most respected designers and artists in their fields can show off their work for admiration and critique on this site. If you are looking for design inspiration, you might as well get it from the best!

Tympanus Codrops

If you’re specifically looking for new and unique features rather than design elements on a broad level, Codrops is the place to go. Interesting page load animations, for example, are one of the features you’ll find highlighted on the site. Codrops also includes demos for all the animations and the code behind them, which makes it easier for you to implement them on your own site and see how they fit in with your design.


Behance is essentially a shared online portfolio that displays work from the best designers, photographers and artists in the world. It is similar in this regard to CSS Design Awards, but there are not any award categories here—it’s just a place for creative people to show off.
Browse these sites and see if you can start finding any inspiration for your law firm’s web design. The look and feel for which you’ve been searching could be just a click away! Remember to focus on these resources for law firm websites to set your business apart.

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