Sell More to Your Existing Clients

Sell More to Your Existing Clients

Many attorneys who run their own practice find they get so caught up in trying to attract new clients that they forget to market to their existing ones.

In fact, clients you’ve worked with before may well be easier to turn into paying clients once again than people you’ve never worked with. They already have an awareness of your firm, are familiar with your work and have (ideally) had a good experience with your services.

So while the majority of your advertising budget will likely go toward awareness marketing, don’t forget to nurture the relationships you’ve already developed with clients and encourage them to use you for their legal needs in the future.

Here are a few points for you to focus on when developing marketing campaigns to sell your services to existing clients.

  • The client experience: It’s crucial to ensure the client experience is simple and pain-free as much as possible. If you go the extra mile to ensure a great experience, your client is more likely to come back to work with you again, and to recommend your firm to their friends, family and other connections.
  • Offboarding: After you work with a client, don’t just break ties once their case is closed. Follow up several times to make sure they’re doing well and to see if there is any additional assistance you can provide. You can accomplish this through a simple series of emails.
  • Relationship building: Nurture the relationships you’ve established, and don’t just let your clients disappear. Add them to your email list so they receive any of your updates or newsletters. Continue to send them mail around the holidays or their birthdays. Find ways to show clients they are still important to you even after you’ve worked with them. They’ll be much more likely to come back if you put effort into maintaining the relationship.
  • The service ladder: If you offer multiple types of legal services, you have a natural opportunity to offer additional services to your clients. For example, if you help clients draft estate plans, you can also encourage them to make appointments to review or revise those plans periodically. You might also offer services in different practice areas, allowing you to assist clients with all types of legal needs.
  • Positioning: There are multiple ways to position your next offer to a client. You can do this through email marketing and automation, specifically targeting clients that already used a particular service. You can follow up via phone or through a CRM, if you use a back-end platform for clients.
  • Remarketing: Find ways to remarket on other platforms to clients you’ve worked with. On Facebook, for example, you can create ads that will be displayed to a list of clients you’ve uploaded and used as a target audience. Remarketing targets those existing customers and takes advantage of their awareness and built-in trust of your firm.

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