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Insight & Discovery

Insight & Discovery

About this Service

Using our rigorous analytic techniques, our discovery specialists will look deep into your website to unearth and translate all of your relevant data. These insights allow us to create extremely accurate reports that will form the path towards achieving your precise goals. This data, along with our educated guidance, allows you to easily make the most important decisions for all areas of your business.


Our combination of using SEO and brand audits to discover your goals, allows us to outline and detail the process with our comprehensive Project Brief. We’ll be taking a deep look into your visibility, website optimization, and competitor analysis to devise a detailed report on your SEO. While our Identity Worksheet allows us to craft a strong and distinctive personality for your firm’s brand. It all comes together in the Project Brief, which allows us to outline your goals and build a successful path to achieving them.

Services Offered

  • Custom website analysis centered on your target goals
  • Reporting that incorporates customer relationship management
  • Relevant summaries of Google Analytics data
  • Suggestions for improvement of on-page SEO

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