Malware Removal

Your site may be infected with malware right now. You often won’t even see it, but Google will. Your ranking will be affected and searchers may get a message such as “This site may harm your computer”, or “This site may be compromised”, or “This site may be hacked”.

Rescuing your website

You need a Trustworthy

The best thing you can do in the future to avoid this is to make sure your site is to keep your site maintained and always up to date with the latest WordPress version, the hackers often jump into the security holes right after an upgrade when they have an opportunity before the site has been updated.

When your site has been hit by hackers, our Malware package will take care of cleaning up the mess.

Fast, Affordable, Fixed right the first time

We will have your hacked website secured,
cleared of malware, and running again in a matter of hours.

You have questions

Being hacked is overwhelming. Our team has rescued hundreds of hacked sites and knows what to do.

proprietary techniques

Our trained full-time web site security team uses our proprietary website security and malware cleanup techniques.

better, smarter, faster

You need this done quickly to avoid all the potential backlash from Google and worldwide servers.

Redefining law firm marketing

Here's how we help

• Clean most sites of malware, un-blacklist websites fast, usually within 72 hours or less.

• Clear your website of malicious scripts and malware then get your web site back up and running quickly.

• Help unblock your site within Google and help you in clearing any Google.com or Bing.com listing issues.

• Help prevent your website from being hacked again. We install security and security monitoring plugins.



Let's get your website cleaned
so you can get back to work.